Our Key People

Our continued growth and success can be attributed primarily to one key factor… Our people!

Eagle Systems Inc., and all the affiliated Eagle Group companies, has the good fortune to employ some of the very finest people in the industry.

We invite you to take this opportunity to get to know the management of Eagle Systems, Inc.

Our high quality of personnel certainly doesn’t stop at the management level. We are proud of the work ethic and dedication of all our employees at the home office and at our many terminal locations across the country.

  • Mike Walker

    Mike Walker

    Eagle Group

  • Jeff Lang

    Jeff Lang

    President & CEO
    Eagle Group

  • Dave Hensal

    Dave Hensal

    President & CEO
    Eagle Systems, Inc.

  • Paul Blakney

    Paul Blakney

    Chief Financial Officer
    Eagle Group

  • Chreston Knutson

    Chreston Knutson

    Vice President
    Information Technology

  • null

    Steve Waltz

    Vice President
    Operations & Business Development

  • null

    Linda Gillis

    Vice President
    Sales & Customer Relations

  • null

    Mitch Searls

    Northwest Regional Manager

  • null

    Bill Aldinger

    Northeast Regional Manager
  • Patty Stith

    Patty Stith

    Corporate Assistant
    Eagle Group

  • GC Faircloth

    GC Faircloth

    Training/Safety & Loss Control